Marshall McLuhan’s Working Library Acquired by the University of Toronto

McLuhan Galaxy

McLuhan Library Collection now available

 Marshall McLuhan’s annotated copy of Finnegan’s Wake (click on image for enlarged view)

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is proud to announce the acquisition of the working library of Marshall McLuhan.  The library, comprising more than 6000 volumes, was used heavily by McLuhan in the writing of his most famous works, including Understanding MediaThe Gutenberg Galaxy and The Medium is the Massage.  A majority of the books bear McLuhan’s annotations and more than half of them contained material – including notes, manuscripts, and correspondence – laid into the books by McLuhan.

McLuhan is well known as a founding father of modern communications theory, and his library reflects both the genesis of his ideas and the wide-range of disciplines he drew from in this regard.  Lesser-studied aspects of McLuhan’s interests, from Catholicism to environmentalism to business management, are also evident in…

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